Singh of Judah is a progressive social movement to end oppression by promoting the invincibility of individuals armed in the Holy Cause of Liberty. Preferring dreams of the future to the history of the past, SOJ dreams of a future of boundless individual liberty, peace beyond borders, an unrestrained free-market, and self-government. We seek light after darkness.

Liberty being the mainspring of human progress, individual self-control produces the most compassionate global social environment. Our intention is to influence all people to rise up in recognition of their inalienable human liberty to self-government and to equip them with methods for practicing self-control, which is the only way by which we believe individuals can display love for one another.

SOJ facilitates interpersonal engagement to influence interested individuals to live as independently self-governed persons. We connect people to environments wherein they can develop and cultivate relationships to achieve voluntary cooperation, exercise their intrinsic human liberties, and overcome all obstacles preventing total emancipation of the individual.

To that end, we educate, agitate, and organize. Education is necessary so all might understand the present reality of their natural liberty from control by others. Agitation stirs people against the status quo’s denial of our intrinsic human dignity. Organization allows us to manifest voluntary cooperation and love for one another for the expansion of a free and peaceful society.